Get Involved

You are invited to volunteer for NMDI in any capacity you are able. To volunteer for any of the following positions, or to get more information, contact our volunteer coordinator Karen Kolke at or the affiliate director Katrina Prince at

  • Be a Team Manager:
    • Being a team leader is the most important role in getting teams to competition. You will be responsible for the registration process, organizing and facilitating practices. However, the most important part of your job is to not interfere with the students’ creative process.
  • Register Teams:
    • At state we need volunteers to welcome teams to the competition and review their registration paperwork to ensure its completion. They will also guide teams to the appropriate prop storage area upon arrival and inform guests about other activities available throughout the day.
  • Appraise a Challenge:
    • Challenge appraisers are asked to do a short challenge specific training before the day of competition. On the day of competition appraisers assess, celebrate, and provides feedback on teams’ solutions.
  • Be a Challenge Master:
    • Challenge Masters lead focused volunteer groups as the local expert on a challenge. They are responsible for appraiser training prior to competition. On the day of competition, they double-check with the tournament director to ensure all supplies for their specified challenge are available.
  • Calculate Scores:
    • This task is great for the tech-savvy individual. On competition day these volunteers will be kept busy inputting scores from challenges to tabulate the winners.
  • Run Scores:
    • Score runners are great for active people. After a challenge they will be given the score to deliver it to our score room. After the scores are tabulated, they must be returned to a central location for Team Managers to pick up.
  • Sell Concessions:
    • Responsibilities in this volunteer position include selling snacks and knick-knacks to guests. Good math skills and the ability to make change are required because we only accept cash or checks.
  • Facilitate Games/Activities:
    • Cup-stacking is only one of the many traditions of NMDI. Facilitators will encourage students to explore all of the activities available on competition day.
  • Sponsor Us:
    • As a non-profit organization all support is appreciated. Sponsorships can include; cash donations, entertainment, supplies, special awards, provision of volunteer lunches, or even hosting the competition.
  • Become a Board Member:
    • Our board is dedicated to the intelligent, talented, and creative students of New Mexico. Board members meet once a month and are responsible for all of the background work that goes into making this event a success.

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